Certificate IV in Kinesiology

(HLT42812) is a nationally recognised qualification which provides excellent professional practical and technical skills on which to establish a Kinesiology and Natural Therapy business.

We deliver the latest research and developments in the Kinesiology industry including skills and techniques in the mental, emotional, physical, biochemical, nutritional and energetic contexts.

Delivered over 9 integrated modules this comprehensive course establishes high quality professional expertise providing an excellent baseline on which to build your skills as respected practitioner.

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Certificate of Solution Oriented Neuro-Training is an internationally recognises qualification with industry accreditation which delivers advances in neuro-science research integrating this with kinesiology in an enhanced and comprehensive training experience.

The Solution Oriented Process, unique to Neuro-Training, integrates all the skills and knowledge of the professional practitioner into an artistry of practical clinical application which allows the client to follow their own recuperation path. This certificate leads on to the Diploma of Neuro-Training.

The first 6 modules of the Certificate IV in Kinesiology constitute the Certificate of Solution Oriented Neuro-Training.

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Advanced Training

College of Neuro-Training offers a range of advanced training which complement the Kinesiology and Neuro-Training studies and enhance the knowledge and skills of the professional practitioner. Students may study the Diploma of Neuro-Training or other advanced Neuro-Training  courses with Neuro-Training P/L.


Studied Neuro-Training before? You may be able to upgrade to a Certificate IV in Kinesiology (HLT42812) by gaining recognition for previous studies and experience through our Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) program.  While some studies will still be required, RPL may reduce your study load.

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